This is Liger

Grrrrrreat Men's Tees brand! Echt een snoepje tussen alle merken die er op de modefabriek stonden!!

Comical Bold artworks met mijn meest favoriete thema's zoals: Old Skool Games, Tigers & Lions, Cat Burglars & Pin-ups. Verkoopprijs is 59,95 en o.a. te koop via de website:

Super leuk ook de "selfies" van de verschillende designers (zie greyscale sketches onderin)

Concept & text by Julius Leijger:

The idea We wanted to create something totally original. In designs, in materials, in collections. Inspired by the Liger. A unique animal that is the hybrid cross between a lion and a tigress. Unable to reproduce. Like our shirts. The Recipe Take six great visual artists, a challenging theme every wave, a high quality t-shirt as canvas and you have LIGER!

The Wave Several waves per year, six original shirts, in a limited edition of just 360 pieces per designer. Every shirt has its own unique number! Starting at 001/360 and ending at 360/360.

LIGER shirts are collector’s items by birth. Uniqueness is guaranteed. You have our Liger’s word on it!

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