Horsy D'or-sy

Golden Horse container made from an old glass jar a plastic toy and spraypaint, easy does it!

Creepy but Fly!

A little bit eclectic for such a low price!! ^-^ I bought this in a temporary(?) shop (called: "Gideon Italiaander" in the Reguliersbreestraat in Amsterdam for only €2,-....

"A" Light

Happy with my new Festive White Circus Light from the Hema (€15,-) Works with a on/off switch & battery's. Awesome!

Light-Bottle DIY

Happy with my new Festive Light in a bottle from Action! (Led lights in a bottle for only €1,99) I added a "label" I found on google and glued this with sprayglue, so easy! (sprayglue is also from Action) Merry Xmas night!!

Skull Light

I instantly and completely fell in Love with this Wall Wire Ornament. From de woonfabriek for €19,-

Peace = Golden

From the Hema for only €10,- comes this Glass Bell The Peace hand is from Urban Outfitters from last year and I spraypainted it gold (Spraypaint > €8,50 also from Hema).

Keep calm Monday...

Time for coffee! with these nice quote-coffee cups.... You can find these at Action: the small one is €0,65 & the big one is €0,85).

"Meisje van Vermeer"

Nothing tastes better than freshly made Tea!! and this taste is so GOOD!!! It's called "straatje van Vermeer" (street of Vermeer ^-*) and has a fruity fresh strawberry sweet banana flavor I simply can not resist! I bought this and also some other nice flavors (like: Ginger, Lucky Green, Yo Classic & Green Chai) at this webshop: Nice Gift idea for the Holidays!!

Annusual Yummm

These Candy's are a bit strange but so yummmy! The outside has a thick chocolate coating with a soft gummy chewable center. A 100 grams bag comes with 3 Flavors: banana, popcorn & Bubblegum. You can buy this at Jamin for 2 Euro (made in Finland).

GOOD LUCK mini's

I bought these good luck mini-animals in Antwerp yesterday : ) They are about 3x3 cm, made from plastic but have the most perfect little details for such a small scale... I bought them in the ToyStore called: "in den olifant" situated on the Leopoldstraat 23. It's quite a BIG shop and they have a HUGE variety of GREAT toys, pluche, books etc. etc. AWESOME! And the small price of each animal is only: €0,95 ^-^

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