Diy Bowler Hat-Lamp

My OLD Bowler-Hat has a second Life as NEW Lampshade! So Easy and so Stylish...

Pull The Finger

Funny Gadget from Action! It's a keychain (10x4,5 cm) with "Fart" sound (when you pull the finger)... For only:€0,95

New Souvenir Tees

I've Been on Ski-Holidays this Christmas & there I bought these (Kidsize: 140) T-shirts from a local Shop: "Kundenbeleg St. Maria" Dorfplatz 4 6363 Westendorf for €11,90 (Beaver) & €14,40 (Beagle).

Cat in a Box

So Cute! I bought this Money- Savings bank for coins @ Aliexpress for €9,53! It's a cat with a squeaky voice saing "Hello" and "Thank You" when you place your money at her Box... Also available in Panda, A Pig, Mouse & a Monkey ^-^ HAPPY SUNDAY!!

My New DRAGON Belt

Actually this is a Mens Belt, but I couldn't resist. It has a canvas strap (width: 3,8 cm) in army green colour and the buckle is antique matt silver with a Chinese Dragon. I bought this belt on Aliexpress for: €6,06

Diy Platform $neaker$

Easy & Cheap: just glue your old Flipflops under your old sneakers! > Instant Growth... ^-*

Happy NewYeah!

Translation: NO more complaining, bullshit & lying, say YES to: JOY, live and let live & be happy!

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