Party Bubbles

From the Supermarket (Jumbo) +- €2,50... Yummmm > With Apple / Tropical Flavours

Emoji Stickers

Over 850 Emoji Stickers on 19 sheets... €3,92 (Aliexpress)

New Skully's printed wooden necklace and gold coloured bracelet (€ 1,92 & €0,90) both from Aliexpress

Dino Necklace

....also from Aliexpress >in Black sprayed metal voor €1,73 : )

New Bag

Happy with my new PU Black Bag from Aliexpress for €11,79


...last show on the 7th of November!!! > > great Must See Musical!! Why? > Not only the story is inspiring and shows a lot of Energy, Joy & Hope But also the Kids show incredible dance moves and believable acting. I visit the Afas Theatre last month and had the luck to see this musical with the young and most talented Faas (age: 11 from Amsterdam)! The Duck I bought at the Souvenir counter for €6,50 (a sporty yellow duck with Tutu).

New Stickers!

YEAH! new stickers received.... via (100 random vinyl stickers for €4,74) ^-^

Diy Candle

My new cactusses from Ikea > 3 cactusses for: €4,99 They come in light pink coloured small vases. Easy Diy: I glued Red Plastic Lips plus a Gumball on one. The small skull vases are presents.

Upcycled Candle

Recently I am using a lot of text-balloon stickers from Action, they are cheap & fun! The part that's left on the sheet I used to Restyle this candle


My Restyle'd Sticker'd agenda (stickers are from Action, Zeeman & selfmade logo's) Happy weekend for later!!

DIY nailpolish's

What to do with broken Toys...? Glue them on your nailpolish stash!

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