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Welcome on my website!

“STYLING is not everything, but EVERYTHING without STYLING is nothing”


My name is: Annuschka Klijnman: freelance designer and owner of Aca-Styling.

In 1993 I graduated from Charles Montaigne (Amfi / HBO Amsterdam) as a Forecast Stylist.

And since than I’ve worked for several Brands, Company’s and Retail such as the logo's on this page (in alphabetical order).


My Company ACA Styling: A distinctive recognizable Styling, Graphic, Forecast & Trend Studio since 2004.

I’m specialised in Prints, Graphics, Logo’s, illustrations, Styling & Storytelling Concepts.

This vary’s from Low price Kids, Teens, Tweens, Young Adults to Big Size Female & High end Adults Clothing.

From Sugarly Cheeky Sweet  to Raw edged Bravery and from Cynical Fun to Arty Dramatic & Emotional

My style is to describe as “Annusual”:

commercial, down to earth and a little bit different at the same time.

I’m not a High End Fashion follower but a dedicated Fashion-Storyteller.


My mind is a blog full of insights so hope to hear from you soon!


For my curriculum- 

vitae   see below:




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