December 20, 2015

Nothing tastes better than freshly made Tea!! and this taste is so GOOD!!! It's called "straatje van Vermeer" (street of Vermeer ^-*) and has a fruity fresh strawberry sweet banana flavor I simply can not resist! I bought this and also some other nice flavors (like: Gi...

November 11, 2015

Finally found them! ... the smaller size you can find in lots of shops but these BIG ones are really hard to find (until now) > In New York In the most greatest Shop: "It's Sugar"!! This is a Candy annex Fun and great Goodies and Gadgets Shop (website: http://itsugar.c...

September 8, 2015

Dit is "Berry Straw" my new "annusual" character for Straws or Candy or just Strawberry Stuff ^-*

De rietjes kocht ik bij So Low voor €2,50 (voor 2) > a Dolphin & a Submarine Guy



June 28, 2015

Flying Tiger verkoopt momenteel deze leuke. vrolijke Strawberries...

Van vliegenmepper, telefoonhoes, juwelen box, kussen, pannenlap tot key-covers

Super sterk hoe ze deze Strawberry statement vertalen naar zoveel verschillende producten!



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