January 16, 2016

My OLD Bowler-Hat has a second Life as NEW Lampshade!  So Easy and so Stylish... 


January 2, 2016

Easy & Cheap: just glue your old Flipflops under your old sneakers!  > Instant Growth... ^-*


December 30, 2015

Golden Horse container made from an old glass jar a plastic toy and spraypaint, easy does it!



December 24, 2015

Happy with my new Festive Light in a bottle from Action! (Led lights in a bottle for only €1,99)

I added a "label" I found on google and glued this with sprayglue, so easy! (sprayglue is also from Action)

Merry Xmas night!!



October 17, 2015

My new cactusses from Ikea > 3 cactusses for: €4,99

They come in light pink coloured small vases. Easy Diy: I glued Red Plastic Lips plus a Gumball on one. The small skull vases are presents.



October 12, 2015

Recently I am using a lot of text-balloon stickers from Action, they are cheap & fun! 

The part that's left on the sheet I used to Restyle this candle



October 9, 2015

My Restyle'd Sticker'd agenda (stickers are from Action, Zeeman & selfmade logo's)

Happy weekend for later!!



October 7, 2015

What to do with broken Toys...? Glue them on your nailpolish stash!



September 25, 2015

Leuk van de So Low, deze Pink & Red Lips & Black Moustache plastic ornaments (€1,25 voor alle drie)

Ik heb er 2 op potloden geplakt en eentje op een vaasje van m'n cactus plus daarop nog een grote kauwgumbal geplakt. Het diamantje op de Pink Lips is trouwens een oud...

September 18, 2015

Deze Skull "candyjar" or "pencil-basket" of "LED light container" kocht ik bij So Low voor €3,50

De zonnebril met BABE (=een speldje ook van So Low) heb ik er met 'n GlueGun opgeplakt, easy does it!



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