November 19, 2015

This week is Week against Child Abuse. A week that focuses on more awareness about child abuse and what you can do as an outsider.

For example: chew some chewing gum, blow a bubble, make a selfie & post it on instagram: #laatzenietbarsten.



November 18, 2015

Bien que ce soit un journal pour le plaisir Mais ces quelques derniers jours ont été si triste

Je ne sais tout simplement pas quoi dire...

Une seule chose: saisir le jour profiter de la vie tous les jours.



November 13, 2015

I bought this real size gummy black cat at the Walibi (Halloween Fright Night) Theme-parc.

...with catchy glow in the dark eyes! So Awesome!! (for only €9,-)



November 12, 2015

My new Phone: "The D-sign Graham" from Profoon. Black, matt and looks like bakelite!

It also has a very nostalgic ring, just like the old days... Really retro, very Cool!  from for €43,95



November 11, 2015

Finally found them! ... the smaller size you can find in lots of shops but these BIG ones are really hard to find (until now) > In New York In the most greatest Shop: "It's Sugar"!! This is a Candy annex Fun and great Goodies and Gadgets Shop (website: http://itsugar.c...

November 5, 2015

Back from Holidays.... >> NewYork RULES!

Had the greatest time: Visited a Knicks Basketball Game, Fell in love with all the scary Halloween Window displays... (simply everywhere!!) And of course the NY Marathon.... Epic! What an experience, what a great time of year...

October 30, 2015

From the Supermarket (Jumbo) +- €2,50... Yummmm > With Apple / Tropical Flavours



October 29, 2015

Over 850 Emoji Stickers on 19 sheets... €3,92 (Aliexpress)



October 28, 2015 printed wooden necklace and gold coloured bracelet (€ 1,92 & €0,90) both from Aliexpress



October 27, 2015

....also from Aliexpress >in Black sprayed metal voor €1,73  : )



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